<html> <head> <title></title> </head> <body> <p>Is your business looking for lounge seating and office chairs that include a movable side desk? Chairs with desk arms, otherwise known as folding arm chairs, incorporate a swivel tablet surface that can be tucked away next to the seat when not in use.</p> <p>This comfortable seating is ideal for libraries, reception areas, and hotel lobbies as they offer convenient flexibility. Each of these chairs with desk arms have a right or left-handed tablet arm mechanism that provides a writing surface and supports the use of electronic notebooks or laptops.</p> <h2>Folding Arm Chairs - Supportive Seat with an Arm Desks</h2> <p>A chair with a desk arm can be extremely beneficial when writing notes. These folding arm chairs can be used in collaborative settings like office spaces and academic environments where comfortable seating is a necessity and swivel tablet surfaces are preferred. These arm desks extend work space in a lounge seating arrangement with a supportive seat and room to place a laptop or notebook. Each of these folding arm chairs have an attached arm that offers a secure place to write combined with the proper seating so that you can be both productive and comfortable.</p> <p>A tablet chair offers a convenient switch from an office desk to a lounge seat. The transition can be both incredibly helpful and useful for writing, taking notes and other activities that require a writing surface. A lounge chair with a writing surface can be either left or right-handed depending on the user. This collaborative furniture is ideal for settings like libraries, reception rooms, universities or offices where there is a need for seats and surfaces. Lounge seating provides room for writing, a surface for a variety of work and can even serve as a desk for a laptop. Folding the tablet to the side is simply done and also allows for the user to easily move out of the seat of the chair.</p> <p>Are you looking for options that may be more fitting for a school setting? Our selection of <a href="/chairs/school-chairs">school chairs</a> includes various seating options that would be perfect for any student. Many of these student chairs feature larger writing tablet desks for more space. As one of the leading furniture providers, we have an extensive inventory of <a href="/chairs">office chairs</a>. Furniture is an important part of how your company is seen by your clients and how your employees feel at work. As a premier <a href="/">office furniture retailer</a>, the high quality and diverse products found at National Business Furniture are unsurpassed.</p> </body> </html>

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