Need a hand organizing your office? A little storage can go a long way, and there are storage options for just about every type of clutter you can imagine. Read our comprehensive guide to office storage to determine what type you might need for your workspace.


Filing Cabinets

Got paper clutter? Get a filing cabinet! Dozens of options are available, making filing cabinets or files ideal for sorting and organizing paperwork. Be sure to read our complete guide to filing cabinets to learn more.

Storage Cabinets

A storage cabinet is a bookshelf with doors that conceal contents. Storage cabinets come in a huge range of styles and sizes and may or may not come with lockable doors. Storage cabinets may be mobile or stationary.

Storage Credenzas

A storage credenza is often referred to as a buffet and is commonly used in private offices and conference rooms to store supplies and office essentials. Credenzas are wider than deep and may have a combination of doors, drawers, or open display areas.

Storage Shelving

Storage shelving is metal open shelving typically used in a utility setting. These shelves are perfect in a mail room or storage closet to store surplus boxes and office supplies.

Wardrobe Cabinets

A wardrobe cabinet is a doored storage unit with a space specifically designed for hanging up jackets and other articles of clothing.


A bookcase is a storage cabinet without doors, though some bookcases may have doors on just a portion of the unit. Bookshelves come in a huge array of sizes and styles, and many include special features such as built-in lighting or an attached ladder.

Storage Islands

An office storage island sits in an open space and is counter-height. Storage islands provide a spacious work surface and a combination of filing, shelving, or doored storage.


Lockers typically include multiple lockable compartments in a single unit.

Display Cases

Display cases are a compromise between storage cabinets and bookcases. These units are specifically designed to show off their contents while also protecting them from theft and dust. The glass doors are often lockable for an extra layer of protection.

Machine Storage Stands

Machine stands are also known as printer stands because they commonly house a computer printer. The printer is typically kept on the top of the unit, while the underside usually includes a drawer or open area for ink and printer paper. Machine stands can be stationary or mobile.

Literature Organizers

Literature organizers may include mail sorters, brochure holders, and magazine racks.


A safe is a heavy-duty lockable storage unit meant to prevent theft. 

Fireproof Storage

Fireproof safes and storage units are made of extra-durable material that makes them resistant to damage caused by fire and water.

Storage Hutches

A storage hutch is a hutch designed to sit on the desktop of a specific desk to provide vertical storage instead of using additional floor space.

Binder Organization

Due to their large size, binders require specific storage options. Binder storage comes in stationary and rotating options.


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