<p>Looking for a durable storage unit that will help you stay organized? Metal filing cabinets, also called steel office files, typically accommodate both legal and letter size documents so that you can keep all of your paperwork together in one spot.</p> <p>Vertical and lateral units can come with as few as two drawers or as many as six to suit your business needs. Metal filing cabinets can also be found in lockable versions with keys for added security.</p> <h2>Steel Office Files—Lateral & Vertical Cabinets</h2> <p>Metal filing cabinets from top-rated manufacturers like HON and Fire King come in a range of neutral color options including putty, light gray, black and more so that you can match them with your office decor. Steel office files with lateral or vertical drawers are built to withstand frequent daily use and won’t scratch or chip the way home wood files might. You can also find these sturdy units in flat versions, which are ideal for housing blue prints and artwork. Steel office files from HON are not only good for business use, but for home use as well, as many can be securely locked with a set of keys. </p> <p>Are you in need of a lot of reliable storage in a small space? Metal lateral files can accommodate plenty of paperwork, and most units have the ability to hold both legal and letter size documents. You can even find a variety of different styles of files including flat, mobile and fireproof in matching colors like light gray. <a href="/file-cabinets">Filing cabinets</a> of all types will enhance the functionality and organization in your workspace.</p> <p>Looking for something a little more traditional? <a href="/files/wood-veneer">Wood veneer filing cabinets</a> are quality constructed to give your office a rich, elegant appearance. Whatever your storage needs may be, you’ve come to the right place for furniture that works. <a href="/">National Business Furniture</a> has been proudly serving office needs across the United States for 40 years.</p>

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