No matter what type of office you work in, staying organized is crucial to productivity and to your own personal satisfaction at work. Whether you’re the president of a major corporation or a freelance editor working from your bedroom, take these tips for keeping your corner office, cubicle or home office organized.


Kiss Your Paperwork Goodbye

Despite rapidly evolving technology, paper clutter is still the number one cause of office disorganization. Take control of your workspace by purging any paperwork you don’t absolutely need. You can take things a step further by taking the paperwork you do need and scanning it so that it can live on your computer and not on top of your desk.


File in Style

Of course, you won’t be able to get rid of everything, and that’s okay. Just be sure to keep all of those important papers and documents neatly tucked away in a nearby filing cabinet. We recommend color coding what you keep to ensure everything can be easily located when needed.


Keep Important Papers and Materials at the Ready

Speaking of easy to locate, make sure you put your most important paperwork and reading materials somewhere you know you’ll be able to find them. Whether that’s at the front of your filing cabinet or in your nearby bookcase is up to you, but just make sure it’s somewhere you can get to easily without having to do a lot of digging around.


Contain Those Odds and Ends

When it comes to organizing your office, the little things can really pile up. We’re talking about binder clips, thumb tacks, Post-It notes and any other little office supplies you have floating around. Contain that mess by filling your utility drawers with containers that will keep everything in its rightful place. You may also want to add a desktop organizer to your workspace to keep pens, paper clips and other frequently used items organized but easy to access.


Categorize Like Items

The easiest way to maintain an organized home office or cubicle is to group like items together. Put all of your writing utensils in the same container, your tools (stapler, scissors, hole puncher) in the same drawer and mail (envelopes, stamps, address labels) in the same space. Grouping similar items with each other will make it easy for you to find anything you need at any given moment.


Use That Wall Space

Often times our desktops become cluttered because we simply don’t have any better space to keep all of that stuff. But what about your office walls? Whether you’re in a fabric paneled cubicle or a private office, there are plenty of options. Mount a shelf to the wall to keep books on, add a mail organizer to the wall, or simply stick up frequently used papers to a bulletin board.


Have your own ideas for keeping the office organized? Share your tips in the comments below!


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