Just like your car requires regular oil changes to keep it working its best, your office chair needs to have its screws tightened regularly to keep it in tip-top condition and safe to use. But how often? The simple answer is once every 6 months. Because this small but important bit of maintenance can be tough to remember, we’ve put together a guide to help you stay on top of it so that you can get the most out of your office chair.

Keep a Wrench Handy

Your office chair likely came with an Allen wrench that you used to attach the base to the rest of the chair when you first received it. Do not throw this tool away! Instead, tape it to the bottom of your chair. This way, you will know exactly where the wrench is when it’s time to tighten your screws. If your chair was delivered pre-assembled or you inherited a chair from another coworker who did not save the wrench, then a basic Phillips head screwdriver will work for most chairs.

Tighten Your Chair Screws Soon After Assembly 

After your chair has been assembled, use it for about a week. Then go back and tighten the screws again. Many chairs will settle during this time, so giving a follow-up check will ensure everything is as sturdy and safe as possible.

Turn Your Screws When You Turn Your Clocks

Remembering when to tighten your screws can be tough since it isn't exactly the first thing on our minds. An easy way to remember this maintenance is to coordinate your chair screw tightening with daylight saving time. Whenever it’s time to spring your clocks forward or fall back, take a minute to tighten your office chair screws using the wrench underneath the seat.

Tighten Big and Tall Chairs More Often

Because big and tall chairs experience more strain than the average task chair, you should tighten them every 3 months to ensure maximum stability. Give your big and tall chair screws a turn once per quarter to keep them in the best condition possible.

Keep Your Guests Safe and Comfortable

It’s important to tighten the screws on the chairs and tables in your waiting room every 6 months. Not only should this be done for your guests’ safety, but it will also present your business in a more professional light since visitors may frown upon wobbly furniture.


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