<html> <head> <title></title> </head> <body> <p>Looking for a common area where employees or guests can go to read messages that relate to your business? Bulletin boards provide plenty of space for all of your important notes.</p> <p>These units have a backing made of cork, which is easy for you to stick papers on via a simple thumbtack. Cork boards are wall mountable, meaning you can use one in your office without taking up a ton of floor space.</p> <h2>Cork Boards &ndash; Clearly Display Messages</h2> <p>Bulletin Boards are smart additions to high traffic areas because they can spread the word quickly and easily. Plus, these boards are available in a wide assortment of sizes. In fact, cork boards can be found in sizes that range from 48 inches by 36 inches all the way up to 6 feet by 4 feet. There&rsquo;s an option for walls of nearly any size.</p> <p>Bulletin boards from NBF come from some of our top-rated manufacturers, which include Aarco and Best Rite among others. We also have other types of <a href="/boards">boards</a> available to suit your needs. Want to learn more about NBF furniture options? Check out the helpful tips on <a href="/blog">our blog</a>! At <a href="/">National Business Furniture</a>, we&rsquo;re dedicated to providing furniture that works from people who care.</p> </body> </html>

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