Buying ready-to-assemble (RTA) business furniture is a great way to save some money, provided you don’t mind putting in a little elbow grease to assemble the furniture yourself. If you like the cost-effective price tag of RTA but aren’t exactly eager for the assembly process, consider these tips before you start putting your new furniture together.

Keep Your Tools Handy 

Most RTA furniture includes any special tools needed for assembly, but it’s good to keep certain tools handy if you plan to put together multiple pieces at once. Every office should have these tools:

  • Allen wrenches/hex wrenches in various sizes

  • Screwdrivers in various sizes

  • Hammer

If your RTA furniture came with an Allen wrench, save it. RTA furniture tends to settle over time, so you may need to retighten those bolts every so often—especially if the item is used daily. We recommend tightening chair screws every 6 months. Tape the wrench underneath a chair or desk or keep it in a nearby drawer so it doesn’t get lost. 


Do not use power tools of any sort when assembling RTA furniture. Using too much force is likely to damage the material.

Read the Instructions Carefully 

Before you assemble anything, read all the instructions all the way through to ensure you have all the parts and tools you’ll need. 

Once you’ve taken inventory, follow the instructions in the exact order they are given. Do not complete step 2 before step 1, whether you think you can get away with it or not. RTA furniture is very difficult to take apart once assembled, so it is essential to get assembly right the first time to avoid damaging the product.

Tighten Bolts at the Same Time 

Tightening each bolt as you go can pull the piece in different directions and make it difficult to insert the remaining bolts. Instead, put all the bolts in loosely first, then tighten once they’re all in place.

Call NBF for Replacement Parts 

If a part of your furniture is missing or needs to be replaced, call NBF. Though you may be tempted to call the manufacturer, you will only receive the NBF Lifetime Guarantee if you call us for your replacement pieces.


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