A coffee or café bar can be a wonderful addition to any office. These areas provide a designated location for workers to fuel up throughout the day and encourage workers to take a break to mingle with other employees. These chance encounters, referred to as “collisions,” have been shown to drastically improve the performance of knowledge workers.

Coffee bars in the workplace are a growing trend. You can easily incorporate them into a breakroom using extra counter space or an additional table, in an office corridor, or even in a reception area. A coffee bar doesn’t have to be fancy; it just needs to be an area that is functional, easy to use, and large enough to accommodate more than one person. Let’s look at what’s necessary to add a coffee bar to your workplace.

Ample Surface Space

A standing height table or fixed leg utility table with a lower shelf provides plenty of space, making them great additions to any break room.

Some Type of Coffee Maker

Once you have a dedicated space, you need a coffee maker. There are many options available, but make sure the coffee maker can accommodate the number of employees or guests you need to serve.

Fixings for a Great Cup of Coffee

Besides coffee, you should also include everything else necessary to create an ideal cup of coffee. Stock the area with sweeteners, creamer, stirring sticks, and additional coffee filters. 

Tables and Chairs to Support Employees

Include a table and chair set to support employees looking to take a break.


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