An open concept workspace provides many benefits, from increased employee collaboration to maximized office space. However, a major drawback to the layout is the increased level of audible and visual distraction. Unfortunately, adding cubicles and sound-adsorbing wall tiles to the office can come with a hefty price tag. So how do you divide up an office to create more privacy and less distraction while also staying mindful of your business's budget? Here are some tips to help define your own space.

Modular Office Partitions

One of the most affordable ways to create privacy in your open concept office, waiting area, or breakroom is to add modular office partitions to the space. When we say modular office partitions, we're referring to stand-alone room dividers that can connect to other room dividers to create a temporary wall as small or as large as you need. 

Our At Work room dividers, for example, can be configured in many different positions to create a single freestanding visual barrier or to split up an entire room. Fabric privacy curtains take that concept a step further by offering sound dampening capabilities and the ability to be positioned at any angle you need, not just 180- and 90-degree configurations.

Mobile Room Dividers

Although we design our stationary partitions to be as easy to move as possible, incorporating mobile dividers into your workspace makes switching up the layout of the office even easier. Mobile partitions roll on casters that can be designated for either hard or soft flooring to meet your needs. Most mobile partitions have lockable casters so the boards won't move around when they're positioned where you want them. If you're looking for an additional writing surface, you may consider selecting mobile partitions with a dry erase board surface, also known as mobile whiteboards.

Desktop Privacy Panels

If you're looking for something really affordable, you can add small privacy screens to open concept workstations to provide a little privacy between coworkers. Double-check the product description of the item you're looking at. Some desktop privacy panels are universal, but others are designed for a specific collection. You'll also find sliding cubicle doors that can be added to cube openings for additional privacy.

Check out our complete guide to room dividers and partitions for more inspiration.



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