Heated chairs are something you don’t see every day, but why not? After all, heated office chairs have all the ergonomic benefits of traditional desk seating but with a heating element. With the rise in complaints over back pain and unbearably low office temperatures, it seems strange that more office workers aren’t outfitted with heated desk chairs. Think a heated seat might be a good fit for you? Read on to find out what benefits you can expect when you work with a heated chair.

1. Temperature Control

Of course, the most obvious heated office chair benefit is the temperature control it provides. Very few people have the authority to tamper with the thermostat in the office environment. And recent studies have shown that most office environments are set at a formula devised for men

The solution? Put away that hat and scarf and take control of your body temperature. Heated office chairs come with high and low settings that enable users to heat the back of the chair by itself or the back and the seat simultaneously to suit their individual needs. Too cold? Just push a button for instant warmth. Too warm? Turn the chair on low or turn it off altogether with the push of a button.

2. Back Pain Relief

We talk about back and neck pain all the time at NBF, and usually, the solution is to move throughout the work day by incorporating a standing desk or active seating at your workstation. But you can’t stand or sit on a ball chair all day. So what do you do for comfort during the hours you need to be seated? One solution is to get a chair with the right ergonomic adjustments. Another is to get a heated chair. According to Spine-Health, heat therapy helps relieve back and neck pain in several ways:

  1. Heat dilates blood vessels surrounding the lumbar region of your spine, increasing the flow of oxygen to your back muscles and helping heal damaged tissue.

  2. Heat stimulates sensory receptors in your skin, decreasing pain transmissions and relieving discomfort.

  3. Heat allows soft tissue around the spine to stretch, decreasing stiffness and increasing flexibility.


The healing power of heat therapy has been known for years, and it’s why many back pain sufferers use heating pads to find relief. A heated chair makes relief more accessible at any given moment.

3. Safety at Work

Not only do heated office chairs offer huge benefits for the employee using the chair, but they’re also a great option for business owners due to the safety element they provide. Most heated chairs run on a rechargeable Lithium Ion battery that can be safely plugged in for charging overnight and then used for a full 8-hour shift the next day. This eliminates the need for space heaters that can be accidentally left on all night, causing a fire hazard that could lead to disastrous results. In addition to providing a safer source of heat, the battery also eliminates the need for a cord that plugs into the wall, which can be a tripping hazard in an office setting.


Whether you’re looking for warmth, pain relief, or building safety, a heated office chair with a rechargeable battery operation could be the ideal option for your business.


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