Summer has finally arrived! What’s the best way to take in the summer sun? Updating your outdoor space! Whether your deck at home needs a beautiful Adirondack chair or your company patio needs some picnic tables, NBF has everything you need to refresh your outdoor space, allowing you to easily enjoy your summer.

Bike Racks

A bike rack can add a lot of functionality to any corporate building or office location. You’re serving visitors and employees by offering them the option of riding their bikes to your location. This encourages environmentally-friendly behavior and also offers potential health benefits for those who choose to bike. Having a bike rack as part of your company grounds is a great way to enjoy the summer. Best of all, every bike rack offered at NBF is weather-resistant, meaning it can withstand all 4 seasons and the weather that comes with them.


Patio Sets and Picnic Tables

Room for dining is important for any outdoor space, especially one at the workplace. By providing picnic tables with a large surface and comfortable seating, you can offer employees a place to eat lunch while enjoying the great outdoors. This can also be a place for teams to meet and enjoy the sunshine while they work, a perk that everyone will surely enjoy in the summertime.

Lounging Chairs and Benches

These particular types of seating offer a place to relax and refresh, whether on a lunch break or taking a quick rest. Taking time to rejuvenate your mind or read a book has proven beneficial for many workers, leading to more motivation and productivity. Lounge chairs and benches offer a comfortable outdoor retreat when employees need a break.

Decorative Elements

While enjoying great weather outside can be a huge mood booster, any outdoor space can still be improved by decorative accents, like planters. These weather-resistant accents can help create the tone of your outdoor space and further make employees feel comfortable.


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