Love your computer, but hate your computer cord clutter? Cables and wires can ruin the look of your workspace, especially if you’re using a lot of electronics in one area. If you’re the type of person who prefers a crisp, clean look in the office, then check out the different forms of wire management that are available to you.


Desktop Grommet Holes

Many desks come equipped with built-in grommet holes which consist of, you guessed it, a hole cut out near the edge of the desk. Grommet holes typically come with a cap so that you can maintain a clean look while covering up the mess. Simply slip your wires through the hole and then plug them into the wall or built-in desk power strip for a seamless look. This is the most common type of wire management system, so be sure to read the product description of the desk you are considering carefully to determine whether or not it comes with any grommet holes.


Wire Management Troughs

Some desks and, more commonly, tables come with built-in wire management troughs. These long, narrow containers are typically affixed to the front of the unit, often built into the modesty panel, and they consist of a protruding shelf with a lip that is used to hold your cords in place and up off the floor. Although these are less common than desktop grommet holes, they are certainly effective and are an ideal option for use in areas with ever-changing users such as classrooms and training rooms where laptops are used frequently.


Alternative Wire Management Systems

Some desks come with more unique wire management systems that you may prefer to grommet or trough options. The NBF Signature Series Pacifica desks, for example, don’t just feed your cords through their desktop grommet holes. They take it to the next level of office cleanliness by feeding those cords through the leg of the desk. This way, you aren’t just left with a mess of wires hanging out from underneath your work surface. Rather, the cords come out the bottom of the leg and then connect to the nearest outlet, leaving that clean, fresh Pacifica look unscathed by industrial cording.


DIY Solutions

Already have an office desk and don’t want to splurge on a new one? Don’t worry—there’s hope for you yet. While you can attempt to drill your own grommet hole into the top of your desk, we only recommend doing this if you are already a skilled handyperson or know someone who is. Alternatively, you can keep cords more organized by attaching a wire bin to the underside of your desk. Simply run cords through the bin to keep them up off the ground and out of sight. This can also be achieved in the same way by attaching binder clips to the bottom of your desk and running cords through those.


Don’t like any of these ideas? If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em, and if you can’t cover your cords then make them look great! By covering your electrical cords with Washi tape or by affixing them to the wall in artistic designs, you can create cords that you will actually want to look at!


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