Industrial design is a popular trend in residential and commercial interiors that features a blend of organic and man-made elements to create a unique sort of balance. This particular trend is a breath of fresh air when compared to its rigorously detailed traditional and starkly minimalist modern cousins. In contrast to these popular styles, Industrial design embraces the utilitarian nature of buildings, utilizing elements like exposed brick and open ductwork as things to be appreciated, not hidden. Here are some helpful tips on making industrial furniture and décor work in your office.


Blend Organic and Man-Made Materials


In most cases, this means a mixture of wood and metal elements. Typically, industrial desks and tables will have a wood work surface and metal framework. Chairs in this style are often made completely of metal, but they may include wood seats and backs as well. Real or faux plants are also ideal for adding to an industrial style space. Due to the color palette that wood and metal tends to create, a room designed this way can end up looking stale or washed out. A little greenery here and there will breathe new life into the space and enhance the natural elements you see in the wood furniture and décor.


Use the Right Color Scheme


Speaking of color, you’ll want to choose yours carefully. Industrial design embraces neutral colors like black, white and shades of gray as well as earth tones such as mossy greens and rusty reds. Mixing and matching these colors in a room will help tie in that combination of nature-made and factory-made.


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Coordinate Your Seating


When it comes to industrial seating, you have a lot of options. Barstools and guest chairs come in all-metal options as well as those that have a metal frame and wood seats and backs. For seating that needs to be more comfortable, such as your task chair and lounge seating, go for something upholstered in leather or faux leather. This will tie in that natural element we keep mentioning.


Think Vintage Factory Style


If it’s something that looks like it came out of an old factory, it’s probably going to look great in your industrial styled office. From tables with pipes for legs to Edison light bulbs, these elements bring a masculine feel that the style is known for. Clocks with gears and cogs are also a great choice, and vintage wall art with a worn appearance is also going to enhance the look of the space.


When it comes down to it, just remember to create a streamlined design with mixed materials when creating an industrial look in your office. Embrace whatever design elements are on your walls and ceilings, and bring in a good blend of natural and man-made elements to the space. You’re going to love the results! For help finding furniture that works, call our experts at (800) 558-1010 or shop our full selection of industrial furniture here.


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