Do you feel good when you sit in your office? Is your office a place of productivity, focus and success? Or is your office uncomfortable, cluttered and a source of stress?

Organizing your office with some simple principles from the ancient practice of Feng Shui might help set you on the right path to success.


Feng Shui (fung-shway) literally translates to “wind-water” in English. An ancient Chinese practice, Feng Shui is the act of placement, arrangement and organization to help harmonize positive energy and deflect negative energy. By using some simple tips and practices from Feng Shui when creating your workspace, you’ll create a place where you’ll love to work.


Many people in today’s workforce spend a large part of their day in small cubicles. It’s a challenge to keep these tight spaces clutter-free and organized. With some alternative Feng Shui techniques you can still achieve a positive work environment. Here are some quick fixes to get the positive energy flowing in your small office:


Face the Door with a Mirror

A large belief in feng shui is to always face the direction of the door or entrance. This can be very hard to do in a cubicle office. If you have to sit with your back to the entrance, place a mirror so that you can see it. This will deflect negative energy and make you feel more secure.


Don’t sit in line with a door or entrance. Not only is this position distracting, it invites negative energy from outside your cubicle.


Create Power and Personal Space

Work placement should be at the farthest corner opposite the entrance or door. This is the best position for power.


Add a chair mat or area rug to your immediate workspace. This addition defines an area of personal space and helps create a sense of security.


Keep Your Entryway Clutter-Free

Never have items or clutter block an entrance. The first step into your office is the first impression that the outside world has of you.


Place storage on the same wall as the entrance. Keeping filled bookcases and filing drawers out of a visitor’s line of sight makes your office seem more open and less cluttered.


Add Green Energy!

Add live plants to your office space. Green plants bring energy of new beginnings and wealth.


Stay on Top of Clutter

Keep overall clutter to a minimum. Organize papers and file items away from sight. A clutter-free space gives you a clutter-free mind.


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