Divide Your Space With Office Cubicles, Partitions, Team Desk & More!

Create a workspace that is efficient and beneficial for all of your employees. Shop National Business Furniture products to create a smart and safe workspace. Help create spacing and privacy with office cubicles, room dividers, panel systems, sneeze guards, benching and so much more. If you are looking for even more safety protocol items, head over to our Return to Work category. If you have any questions about your potential new office workstations, make sure to give us a call to help get that process started for you!


Whether you're planning a new space or retrofitting an existing office, your needs are unique to your workplace.

Here is how NBF can help:



Things to consider when planning your office

  • Ways to retrofit your office

  • Install space

  • Team size and usage

  • Style and color

  • Budgetary needs

  • Timeline constraints


Office Cubicles - Customize Your Office Space

Looking for a way to maximize your space and team efficiency? Office cubicle systems and panel system designs offer a variety of ways for you to customize your space that best suit your needs. Looking for ideas on how to make the most of your space? Check out our Complete Guide to Partitions, Cubicles & Room Dividers . National Business Furniture offers a variety of office cubicle solutions that allows for flexibility and efficiency. Cubicles and panel systems allow you to create workstations as large or as small as needed for your space. If you are looking for more freestanding or flexible options, Office Partitions offer you the ability to create a variety of interconnected cubicles, or simply as a divider between desks. Room Dividers can separate a room to create meeting spaces, workstations, or breakroom areas with their mobility and flexible usage. There are plenty of cubicle components, partitions and other parts available to achieve what you need. Not really sure what you need? Talk with our Professional Design Services team for help on how to create the perfect office space.