Compact Desks vs. Executive Desks


The difference between executive desks and compact desks seems apparent in their names alone. Compact implicates that the desk is designed to be small, and therefore, the desk will work in areas where space is a bit tight. Compact desks are usually great additions to home offices and are one of the most popular desk sizes.


While the compact desk is great for space, they don’t provide much work space or storage space due to their compact design. This is not a problem for some, but for others it can hinder productivity and dampen the quality of their work.


Executive desks are another popular desk item for offices everywhere. Executive desks normally require quite a lot of space, as they are designed to include many different features such as multiple storage options. These desks also allow for ample work space, which can increase efficiency. However, they may be difficult to fit in your office, depending on its size.


At NBF, the defined rules and expectations of executive and compact desks are being challenged by Connexion, a beautiful new line from Bestar, as it brings the best from both executive desks and compact desks together into one amazing piece of furniture.


Some key features of the Bestar Connexion desks:


Smaller footprint and compact design – these desks can fit in smaller spaces and take up less room than the standard executive desk

Plenty of work space

Streamlined design

Sturdy and durable construction

For those of us who are short on space, but still want the maximum storage and work space of an executive desk, the Bestar Connexion line of desks offers up an appealing solution.


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