If you’re constantly on the go, traveling and working in different places, you’ve probably been presented with the problem of how to work on your laptop in the car or in another unconventional place. Enter the Zepolla Innovations, LLC Utilishelf—your on-the-run desktop solution.


Designed as a creative solution to the long-standing problem of little-to-no surface space provided out in the field, the Utilishelf Plus is the world’s first portable magnetic desk for industry use. It can be used for test equipment, as a writing table, a laptop desk, a tablet desk or simply as a place to set down small items and tools as you work.


The Utilishelf Plus is constructed with military grade PC/ABS material. A vinyl pad on the inside provides a comfortable, stable surface for laptops and writing equipment. The unit weighs only 5.5 pounds, making it easy to transport throughout your workday. Three large magnets keep it securely attached to metal surfaces, and it can hold up to 30 pounds with help from two sturdy nylon support straps. The magnets can be adjusted for horizontal or vertical positions (such as l-beams), and cup protectors prevent damage to delicate surfaces, and this magnetic desk is di-electricity safe.


Want to learn more about this portable magnetic desk? Call our furniture experts at (800) 558-1010 or peruse our full selection of Utilishelf desks.


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