Concerned for patients who have difficulty getting into and out of the guest chairs in your medical waiting room? Consider adding hip chairs to your reception area, especially if your healthcare facility sees geriatric, orthopedic, or pregnant patients regularly.

Hip Chairs Offer Easy Access for Patients With Limited Mobility

Hip chairs have a seat height that typically measures around 40”H. Because hip chairs have a much taller seat height than standard guest chairs, they facilitate ingress and egress for patients who have a hard time sitting down and standing back up. Patients can simply lean into a hip chair rather than having to bend down far, which can cause major body strain.

Hip Chairs Lower the Risk of Injury

Not only do hip chairs make the waiting room experience more comfortable for patients, but they can also significantly reduce the risk of injury for the people who need them. Bending to get into a chair is a recipe for disaster for anyone at risk of falling. Hip chairs require less bending and less exertion of energy, making them much easier to get into and out of, thus greatly reducing the risk associated with standard waiting room chairs.



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