While the Olympic Games focus on athletes who’ve dedicated their entire lives to their sport, you and your coworkers can still get in on the fun. We invite you to celebrate The Games with your company's very own Office Olympics!

Not only is hosting your own Olympic Games an awesome idea, but it's a great way to have a little fun in the office and boost employee morale. You can even take it a step further and hold an Opening Ceremony. From pizza parties to parades with music and more, the options are endless. We'll leave it to your imagination.

Office Olympic Events

Below, we've compiled a list of some fun games to help you plan some Office Olympic Events.

Speed Finger Skating

Goal: To be the fastest typer.

Rules: The speed finger skating game is an individual event that requires 2 athletes from each team. The 2 athletes compete in a 60-second typing test using a timed typing website (like This event is a lot more fun when you use a projector to show the competitors’ typing skills to the audience. After each team competes, the team with the best typing scores wins.

The Pencil Pusher

Goal: To stick the most pencils in the ceiling.

Rules: This event requires athletes to lodge as many No. 2 pencils (make them sharp!) into your office ceiling tiles as possible in 30 seconds. It may be a good idea to wear goggles for this event for safety reasons.

The Corporate Climb

Goal: To get the fastest time.

Rules: In this event, athletes race backward up a flight of stairs. The top 3 times win.

Desk Chair Sprint

Goal: To be the fastest team.

Rules: The desk chair sprint requires 2 athletes from each team, office chairs with wheels, and some tape, chalk, or cones to create a racecourse. The first athlete sits in an office chair while the second athlete navigates the course before switching places for the second lap. For every cone hit, add 5 seconds to the total time. The team with the lowest time wins.

The Stickler

Goal: To get the most Post-It™ notes stuck on you.

Rules: Each team has 60 seconds to stick as many Post-It™ notes as possible on a team member.

Office Soccer

Goal: To make the most goals.

Rules: In this individual Office Olympic Event, each team will select 2 athletes to compete in a 5-round shoot-out. Athletes take turns shooting a crumpled piece of paper across a table (6’ long is recommended). Create the goalposts by touching thumbs together and pressing index fingers to the table to make a box or goal. When 5 rounds are up, add each athlete's score for a combined team score.

The Spin Doctor

Goal: To be the first to the finish line.

Rules: This is a team event where 1 athlete is seated in an office chair while teammates spin them around for 20 seconds. At the blow of a whistle, the athlete stands and runs to the finish line.

Determining the Winner

After events are completed, it all comes down to the final scoring. First place is worth 1 point; last place receives 7 points. The team with the least points wins the Office Olympics!


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