A thoughtfully designed personal workspace is fundamental to productivity, engagement, morale and overall satisfaction. When employees have a space tailored to their needs, they can concentrate better, manage their time more effectively and perform tasks with greater accuracy.  


We asked NBF expert Megan Broderick, an esteemed Space Planner and Designer, for her tips on choosing the right individual workspace solutions for your business, whether that be cubicles, benching systems or freestanding workstations. Join us as we explore different ways of dividing open office spaces to help your employees do their best work with tips from one of NBF’s furniture experts.  



Cubicles and Workstations – Selecting a Solution That Works: Expert Video Transcript  

Introduction to Panel Systems, Benching Systems and Freestanding Workstations 

Interviewer: Cubicles and other workstations are not an easy purchasing decision. Megan, what are some of the features and benefits of each of them? 


MB: Panel systems [are] what people typically think about when they think about cubicles. They're very durable. They are customizable to people's workflows and the look of the office space, and the features that they have [are] really extensive these days.  

Benching [systems are] going to be much more open. Marketing, design teams, sales teams - they have a more collaborative feel and don't want to be so shut off in a cubicle area. 

And then when you're talking about your freestanding desks and dividers, they're much more flexible. So, you pick up your divider and move it somewhere else. Pick that desk up, and the employees can do that themselves. 


Reconfiguration and Flexibility of Cubicles and Workstations 

MB: Any of these options can be reconfigured. They can be changed. You might need an installer to reconfigure some of these bigger panel systems, but a wall is going to be a much more permanent solution. 


Now, if you have that employee come and go and you want to tear down, these panel systems give you that flexibility to change with what's coming in the future. 


Key Considerations for Choosing a Cubicle or Workstation 

Interviewer: How do I know what is best for my space and my employees? 


MB: It's going to really depend on your company. I would ask yourself two questions: Who's using it and what are they using it for? 


And that doesn't mean what's best in one area is the best thing for another area.  


You want to bring them back into the office. You want to cater to their needs and have them work in a great setting, a great place to work. And what better way to do it than make them feel important? 


Interviewer: Truly an investment in your office and in your staff and will help you ultimately be able to do your best work. 


Solve Your Space: Personal Workspaces 

In conclusion, choosing personal workspaces for your team requires thoughtful planning and consideration of your specific needs. You may even need to select a combination of options to best support how individual teams at your organization work best.  


According to the NBF 2024 Workspaces: Solved Report, 82% of employees believe that satisfaction with their personal workspace is crucial to working effectively.  By following the expert advice of NBF's Megan Broderick, you can effectively divide open office spaces into personal workspaces that inspire achievement.  


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We can make the process easier. Receive trusted guidance from our national network of 100+ experts.

Pro Tip: Say Yes to Expert Support 

We can make the process easier. Receive trusted guidance from our national network of 100+ experts.