Meetings come in all shapes and sizes and so do the conference rooms that host them. Thoughtful design and careful planning ensure you make the most of every gathering in your conference space. 

Define Your Needs

What do you need to ensure that every meeting is meaningful? Consider what occupancy, technology, and office supplies you need to complete your space. Next, add suitable storage pieces, such as a credenza or bookcase, to keep everything neat and tidy.

Size vs. Space

In a world where proper spacing is crucial, ensure that larger furniture pieces are the right size for your meeting space. Maintain several feet of clearance around the table, ensuring that walkways are wide and comfortable for everybody.

Balance Your Budget

On-trend designs might break the bank, but similar styles are often available at manageable price points. Once you've considered your interior design scheme, seek multiple options to ensure that your finished conference room stays within budget.

Accessibility for All

Along with your local fire and building safety codes, ADA requirements ensure spaces are accessible to all. Maintain proper spacing at points of egress and around the table to accommodate mobility aids of any size.

Design and Function

As you build or refresh your conference space, pay attention to design trends that will remain timeless and tasteful for many years. Lean toward simplicity with larger, more expensive pieces and use art and décor to tell a visual story.

Tech-Ready Capabilities

Technology has revolutionized the way we think about meetings. Stay up-to-date with A/V equipment for both in-person and remote attendees. Keep power sources nearby so laptops and tablets can stay powered up during long periods around the conference table.

Health Concerns

Many safety standards implemented due to the COVID-19 pandemic can also apply to the standard flu season. Whether it's a new build, quick refresh, or thorough renovation, be sure your conference room layout considers health and safety standards.


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