The breakroom has the potential to be the best space in your office, depending on what you do with it. Keep it plain and sad looking, and your employees aren’t likely to want to sit in it for very long. But provide an innovative and inspiring space, and your employees will thank you for the reprieve from the hours of sitting at their desks.  

One up-and-coming trend in office design is creating break areas outside, which is especially welcome when the weather gets nice again after a long winter. So think outside the cube, and take these tips for creating a great outdoor break area!

Location, Location, Location 

The first and possibly most important step toward adding an outdoor breakroom is choosing where it will go. Your business may or may not have much say in this matter, but if you do, choose a location with plenty of natural sunlight. Catching some rays can be a great mood booster for employees taking breaks outside, and it can leave them feeling energized and ready to tackle the afternoon workload. Consider adding umbrellas in case they need a break from the sun. Of course, you may also want to add some furniture to some shady areas to keep employees comfortable on those particularly hot summer days.

Get the Right Furniture 

You won’t be able to use just any old breakroom furniture in your outdoor area. Choose chairs, tables, and other furnishings specifically designed for outside use. These products can withstand harsh outdoor elements like rain and direct sunlight, and you can even keep many outside year-round. Depending on how large the space is, you’ll want to provide chairs and tables for employees to eat lunch at, plus a lounge area for chatting and even holding outdoor meetings.

Go for the Green 

It’s easy to find outdoor furniture that’s not only weather-resistant but eco-friendly as well. From benches and picnic tables to waste receptacles and outdoor boards, hundreds of products are made entirely from recycled materials. These are great for the environment and great for you since most are made from materials such as recycled milk jugs that are completely maintenance-free.



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