Sitting in a reception area for a long period of time while waiting for an appointment usually isn’t any fun for most people. While offering reading materials and refreshments is a great way to keep guests comfortable while they wait, the majority of visitors would probably prefer to pass the time by using their mobile devices for reading articles, surfing social media and playing games. Here are some ways you can facilitate smart phone and tablet usage in your office’s waiting area.


Offer Free WiFi

First thing’s first—offer free WiFi to guests in your reception area. Visitors will have a much easier time using their phones and tablets if they can be connected to the WiFi in your building. Providing WiFi that’s accessible to everyone will help make even a long wait go by quickly, and it won’t cause your guests to suck up all of their data plan in one sitting.


Make Outlets Available

A dead battery will quickly render a mobile device useless, leaving guests bored and out of luck. Prevent this scenario by offering plenty of outlets so that visitors can stay connected at all times. While you may not get a say in how many outlets are in your walls, you can equip your waiting area with furniture that has built-in charging capabilities. The NBF Signature Series Traffic collection is one such grouping, offering built-in outlets in its lounge seating, while options such as the NBF Signature Series Riverside collection include power in its end tables.


Have your own ideas for keeping guests connected in your waiting area? Share them in the comments below!


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