While it may be the last thing on our minds throughout the work day, our posture is constantly impacting not only how we work and how we feel, but also how we are perceived. So instead of slumping over your keyboard, it’s time to sit up and take note of these tips for better posture.

Keep your feet flat on the floor. It’s the first step towards correct ergonomics as it ensures proper blood flow. Crossing your legs or even having your feet dangle will not only put undue pressure on your body, but these habits could lead to negative health problems after extensive practice.


Keep 90 degree angles. To ensure that you aren’t slouching or placing stress on your shoulders or knees, it’s best to keep both your arms and legs positioned in 90 degree angles. This will also help to keep your spine in the best possible alignment.


Keep your lumbar region supported. The lumbar region is essentially your lower spine, from the small of your back down, and it’s important to keep this area fully supported and comfortably positioned throughout the work day. We always recommend having an office chair that offers additional lumbar support. This is usually an adjustable feature so that all individuals can move the support to best suit their needs.


Keep your shoulders back. Your shoulders should be pulled back to help you avoid slouching or leaning forward. Ensure that you aren’t leaning too far back by keeping your ears over your shoulders. This can help prevent both back and neck pain that often is associated with long hours at a desk.


By following these simple posture tips, you’ll not only work more comfortably, you’ll also be sure to gain some positive health benefits along the way.



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