Looking for office cubicles? Whether you need a few workstations or to furnish an entire building, calculating what type of panel systems will fit into the area can be tricky. Fortunately, National Business Furniture offers complimentary space planning services to make your work easy. Before calling your NBF account executive, gather the following information.

1. Install Space

Although selecting workstations that fit into your office may seem easy enough, you should consider several factors when determining which panel or benching system to order, including add-ons and footprint creep. Before you call for design services, measure the entire space you intend to outfit with new workstations. Write the measurements down and obtain CAD files if possible. Providing CAD files or room measurements will allow your NBF professional space planner to accurately determine which workstations are needed and how they should be configured in your office, taking into account factors that you may not have considered.

2. Team Size and Usage

Whether you're outfitting a space for a few employees in a small office or dozens in a large open area, selecting the best desking system requires considering the everyday needs of your people. Do your employees thrive on team-based collaboration, or do they need peace and privacy to get the job done? Does your team require a lot of filing and storage space, or will simple work surfaces do just fine? Be prepared to share your team size and usage expectations on your call so that your NBF account executive can accurately determine the most efficient use of your office space.

3. Style and Colors

Whether you want to evoke a certain emotion in the workplace or stay on-brand, NBF offers hundreds of color combinations in every style you could want. Consider your style and color combination needs ahead of time to ensure a seamless and timely panel selection process that won't slow down your timeline expectations.

4. Timeline Constraints

Speaking of timelines—sooner is usually better. Whether your timeline is flexible or you need your workstations ASAP, communicate it with your NBF account executive as early as possible. They can ensure your expectations are realistic and your project can be completed when needed.

5. Budgetary Needs

Everyone deserves a beautiful office, no matter the budget. Be sure to work out your budgetary constraints before you call so that your NBF account executive can determine what furniture will be possible for your business. We'll gladly work hard to stay within your means.



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