Adding cubicles to your office can be quite the chore. One of the common questions business owners ask themselves when it comes time to purchase new workstations is whether to buy new cubicles or go with used panel systems that may be a bit cheaper. Here's why we recommend buying new cubicles for your office.


Free Space Planning & Design Services

Although you may save a little money by going with used cubes, you won't save any time or stress. When you order brand new panel systems from a trusted provider like National Business Furniture, panels aren't all you get. You'll also receive the expert service that's required for a large-scale job like cubicle installation. For example, NBF offers design services completely free of charge with the purchase of any of our cubicles. When you call us to order your new panel system, you'll get so much more than new workstations, including a dedicated account executive, recommendations on furniture that will fit within your square footage and within your budget, and the peace of mind that comes with knowing you're not in it alone.


Endless Customization Capabilities

Buying used cubicles involves quite a bit of settling, including settling for subpar accessories and style. When you buy your panel system new, the sky's the limit. Get the style and colors you want, whether you need something colorful and bright or want a mostly neutral look. In addition to aesthetics, new cubes can have built-in power and other important accessories added on with relative ease. These options are often difficult to add onto used cubicles and can even be impossible to add in many cases.


Safety First

Buyer beware—safety concerns abound when you buy anything used, especially used office furniture. From pieces falling off and faulty electrical work to cracks in framework and other structural damage, you never quite know what you're getting with used goods until it's too late. When you buy new, you know exactly what you're getting into. Not only can you expect beautiful new cubicles, but if there are any issues, the company's customer service team is there to assist in a pinch. Most furniture from National Business Furniture even comes with our Lifetime Guarantee to provide you with that peace of mind for years to come.


Get What You Want, When You Want It

When you order new office cubicles from the furniture experts at NBF, we're working for you. Have a certain budget you need to stay within? A strict timeline that needs to be met? We're on it. Buying used cubicles puts the work on your shoulders, while buying new cubes saves you all those headaches, allowing you to focus on what's really important—running your business.


Questions? Get in touch with an NBF account executive in your area today by calling us at (800) 558-1010. From space planning to installation and everything in between, we're here to help and happy to do so!


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