Cubicles are hard to buy. A desk is a desk, and a chair is a chair, but panel systems come in a vast range of sizes, styles, and configurations. How are you supposed to know how many panels you need to make a 6x6 cube? Why should you have to consider every possible accessory and wire management option available? That's what NBF account executives and design services are for, so don't sweat it—we've got you covered.

Before You Call

Before you call your NBF cubicle expert, gather the following information and write it down. 

1. Determine Your Install Space. Your NBF account executive will need to know the exact overall measurements of the space you're looking to outfit. This will allow us to correctly determine how many cubes of what size you can comfortably fit within the area. 

2. Consider Your Team Size and Usage. Not only will your account executive need to know how much space you have to work with, but he or she will also need to account for how many employees will be using the space. For example, if you need to fit 6 employees in a given space, they may each be able to have large workstations; however, if you need to fit 10 people in that same amount of space, the size of each workstation may be smaller. Usage will also help your account executive determine how open or closed concept the cubes should be.

3. Select Your Styles and Colors. A good first impression is everything, and we want to help you make one! Get a good idea of what you want your new workstations to look like before you call so that your account executive can best support your wants and needs.


4. Set a Timeline. Short or long, your timeline is valuable. Determine exactly when you want your new cubicle installation to be completed so your account executive can adequately time when the order must be placed for it to meet your needs.

5. Work Out Your Budget. Your account executive won't be able to begin the process of finding the perfect workstations until he or she knows your budget constraints. Talk with your team ahead of time and determine the amount you have to work with so that you're prepared to discuss affordable options with your designer.

Let Us Handle the Work

Now that you have all the information you need upfront, you're ready to call National Business Furniture for a quote and complimentary space plan. To get started, call us at (866) 422-5873, and we'll pair you up with an account executive in your area or with one of our in-house project managers. Our team of account executives is scattered across the country to provide in-person assistance to customers in nearly every state. With years of experience in space planning and industry expert knowledge of the best commercial furniture options, an NBF account executive is the best possible tool for outfitting your workspace with the furniture you want at the price and in the timeline you need. Check out our space planning page to learn more about our free design services.


Sit Back and Enjoy

The size and customization of your order will determine how long it takes for your new cubicles to be shipped, delivered, and installed. Fortunately for you, we'll take care of it all. Once you have a dedicated NBF account executive handling your project, we'll be in constant communication with the status of your order.



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