Did you know the right workspace can transform employee disposition and overall job performance? If you’re looking to boost employee happiness and productivity, we recommend invigorating your office with the latest trends in office design. 

Provide Flexible Workstations

Most employees are unhappy with at least one aspect of their physical workspace. Often, an uncomfortable workstation is to blame. The culprits? An office chair that is not designed to meet employee needs can cause discomfort over long hours at the office. A sedentary workstation is also to blame. 

To counteract the negative effects of uncomfortable offices, incorporate more flexibility into your employee workstations. First, equip every employee workstation with an ergonomic office chair. This type of chair will allow individual users to adjust the seat to meet their needs. 

Next, consider providing height adjustable standing desks. You may also consider an active seating option such as a ball chair or leaning stool for additional support. Giving employees the option to move around throughout the day will not only help increase productivity, but it’ll also improve overall employee health.

Incorporate Touchdown Areas

Incorporating touchdown areas throughout your office is an excellent way to facilitate collaboration between coworkers and encourage employees to get up and move. Touchdown spaces can be added to any open area of your office and are ideal for holding casual meetings or chatting. We recommend utilizing touchdown areas with soft seating or chairs around a coffee table to create a more relaxed, homelike feel in your office.

Offer Privacy

Not only should you add open, collaborative spaces to your office, but consider incorporating common private areas. Many employees report that not having a private space to work would make them unhappy at the office. If your employees work in an open concept area, consider adding a designated quiet area such as an office library for focused work. You may also incorporate a private wellness room for employees who are not feeling well or a breastfeeding room for nursing mothers.

Allow for Telecommuting

Telecommuting has become standard for many office workers. Although you may not be able to offer employees full-time work-from-home positions, permitting telecommuting where possible will do wonders for morale and productivity.



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