Wondering how to buy office cubicles? Whether you’re outfitting a large business or adding a few panels, this task can be daunting. Panel systems are available in many styles and configurations, and most options aren’t easy to buy online. Fortunately, a little studying up front and help from an NBF design consultant can make the process painless. 

Closed-Off Cubicles

Traditional cubicles are your best option if your employees need private space for quiet, focused work. High-walled cubicles provide privacy so employees stay on task. You can even find universal cubicle doors for workers who need quiet. With the vast majority of working Americans confessing at least 1 aspect of their physical workspace that makes them unhappy, providing a touch of privacy to employees is an effective way to boost morale.

Open Concept Desk System

If your employees are more of the creative, collaborative types, an open concept panel system may work better for their needs. Benching systems are commonly used in open concepts and may include low panel walls. These cubicles break down physical barriers between employees, allowing for more opportunities to share ideas.

Blend of Both

A little of this, a little of that. Most businesses have both introverts and extroverts, and that calls for cubicles of all shapes and sizes. If you want to create a workspace that works for every employee, opt for a mix of open and closed concept cubicles. Alternatively, you may add collaborative touchdown areas throughout your office to accommodate employee interaction away from their workstations.

Call Center Cubicles

If you’re outfitting a call center or workstations with a rotating schedule of employees, consider call center cubicles. These units are generally positioned in a straight row with minimal desk surface space since call center employees do not typically require much room. 

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