Boss’s Day is Monday, October 17, 2016, and those planning on showing some managerial appreciation are all wondering the same thing—what should I buy? First, let’s talk about what NOT to get your boss for Boss’s Day.

Don’t give something too personal. This is a common mistake that should not be made. Although you may think a gag gift or something emotionally compelling will make your manager smile, be careful you aren’t crossing the line into inappropriateness. It’s great for an employer and employee to get along, but there should still be an element of professionalism even in casual conversations with your boss.

Don’t give something too messy. From silly string to gooey foods, try to stay away from messy situations. Sending your boss a greeting card with glitter in it may sound like fun, but in an office setting it’s just going to cause a mess that nobody wants to clean up.


Don’t spend too much or too little. Give a candy bar from the gas station and you’ll look cheap, but give a $100 business card holder and you’ll cross into that awkward “too personal” zone. As a general rule of thumb, spend between $10-25 on your boss this Boss’s Day. If you have more than one manager, spend the same amount on each of them.


What Should I get my Boss for Boss’s Day?


Go for the greeting and gift cards. Greeting cards and gift cards are always a safe bet. This type of gift is thoughtful without being overly personal, and your manager will probably appreciate the sentiment behind it.


Go in on a group gift. Boss’s Day isn’t the type of holiday everyone remembers like Mother’s Day or Father’s Day. Reminding other co-workers that a gift might be a good idea is a great way to build morale within your team. Plus, going in on a gift together will allow you to purchase a more expensive item if you have something specific in mind.


Consider books and magazine subscriptions related to your field. If you want to give something work-related, go for a book or magazine subscription related to your field. If you work in the interior design business, a subscription to an interiors magazine might be a good choice. If you’re in a marketing department, a book on new marketing techniques could be something your manager is interested in.


Check with HR first. In some businesses there are specific rules in regards to giving gifts to employees and managers, and in some cases gifts may not be allowed at all. Be sure to check with your HR department to reference company policies before you start shopping.


Are you getting your manager anything for Boss’s Day? Share your gift ideas in the comments below!


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