If you love the clean look of a modern office but want a style that’s a little more inviting, Scandinavian furniture and décor may be just what you need. This design trend is gaining momentum both in home offices and corporate spaces as it blends modern and rustic styles in a way that is artistic and sharp.


Modern Warmth

Scandinavian style offices have a Nordic-inspired look that features mostly neutral colors, including gray, white and black. However, the difference between this interior design style and strictly modern spaces lies in its rustic roots. From solid wood tables to antler décor, Scandinavian design highlights natural elements that bring a homelike warmth to an otherwise cold space. It’s the perfect marriage of modern and rustic.


Less is More

This is a no-frills style. You won’t find many ornate details in a Scandinavian office, and you’re more likely to see furniture with a slim profile and simple look than large desks with picture frame details or crown molding. To maintain the crisp, open look that defines Scandinavian style, don’t incorporate too much furniture or décor. Think simple and clean.


Comfortable Office Furniture

Because Scandinavian furniture reflects a certain level of homelike comfort, the furniture you choose should be physically comfortable as if it would be found in a home. From plush pillows and well-cushioned guest chairs to spacious desks and ergonomic office chairs, incorporate the right furniture into your workspace to reflect all the comforts of home.


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