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Neutral colors will always be in style, and gray has been a clear front-runner for modern offices that find black depressingly dark and white blindingly bright. The trend toward gray has moved from being just a shade you paint on the walls to being a color you can use as a base anywhere, from the upholstery on chairs to the finish on your desk. In fact, we’ve seen more gray ash desks and tables over the last couple of years that have a weathered, driftwood-like appearance. With this finish, you can still get the beautiful wood grain look you love but in a soft, neutral shade that will look good when paired with just about any other color.

In an Office

The rustic look of gray ash gives it a homelike appearance, making it a great choice in an office. Whether in an open-concept workstation or a private office, you probably spend a lot of time at work. In fact, many office employees spend more waking hours in the office than they do at their residences. Making your office feel a little more like home is a great way to boost your mood and, by extension, your productivity.

In a Waiting Room

In the same way that you want your office to feel like home, you want to give your guests a warm welcome as soon as they walk into your reception area, which is just what this finish helps achieve. Not only does the color give off a soft look, but it can also be paired with any accent color when you want to turn up the volume. Pair it with bright green accents for a bold look or subdued blue for a calm, serene appearance. No matter what look you’re going for, this color delivers.

In a Conference Room 

Conference tables and storage units in ashy gray tones are attractive but not overly distracting. This makes them a great choice for use in a conference room wherein the goal is to create a professional look without taking away from the importance of your meetings.

Similar Washed-out Wood Tones 

You still have options if you want a little more color in your work life but love that soft, washed-out look. The NBF Signature Series Metropolitan collection comes in a boardwalk walnut color that’s light and rich at the same time, closer to brown than gray. If you want to go even lighter, the At Work collection comes in a Warm Ash finish that’s practically blonde, giving you a light, airy look that’s more intriguing than plain white.


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