Keeping any space neat and tidy requires a combination of both concealed and open-air storage pieces. Whether it's a set of stand-alone filing cabinets or a pedestal designed to fit beneath your desktop, a mixture of supply and document storage can help you make the most of your workspace.

Open Air or Tucked Away

Workplace storage goes beyond lateral files or simple cabinets. Open bookcases with innovative design elements, such as open sides or different sized compartments, can add style to your storage area with ample opportunity to keep books in line alongside decorative items.

Consider Storage Size

Determine what you'll need to accommodate before committing to any storage pieces. If you have larger files, such as tabloid or legal-size documents, make sure that any hanging storage has the depth to accommodate these larger sizes.

Organize Office Resources

Outside of personal workstations, offices often need places to store communal files or shared supplies. Ensure that these pieces are durable enough to handle continued use from multiple people.

Beyond the Basics

Employee storage should consider more than simple files or office supplies. Wardrobe storage often includes a hanger bar for hanging coats and a larger compartment that can accommodate purses or lunchboxes as needed.

Go Vertical

Maximize your space by using taller or hanging storage pieces. Add hanging shelving for an open air option or place a hutch on top of a credenza to take advantage of underused wall space in private offices.

Prepare for the Worst

You never know when disaster might strike. Add some fireproof file storage to your workplace to ensure that even the most vicious disasters won't destroy the documents necessary for your company's success.


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