The wide-open space necessary for a great conference room doesn't come outfitted with the best storage options. Keep must-haves for meetings, overflow archives, and audio/video equipment in check with alternative storage options that look great and keep your boardroom clean and organized.

Hidden in Plain SightTable with Bookshelves

Let home décor trends pave the way for an efficient and visually pleasing conference room. Take advantage of open-air storage, such as bookshelves and hanging shelving, for displaying both necessities and decorations. Keeping items out in the open also ensures that binders, catalogs, and supplies are kept tidy and easy-to-access when necessary.

Store less modular items in wicker baskets on lower shelves to both take advantage of this storage space while keeping less attractive items out of sight and out of mind. Leave a little bit of room on the upper shelves for displaying awards and decorations, or even an artificial plant, to keep the space from looking too drab.

Under-the-Table Options

If the space beneath your table already features ample legroom, consider keeping less important items in coordinating storage beneath the conference table itself. Narrow file storage can run the length of the table for expansive out-of-the-way accommodations, or a matching pedestal can be rolled away to keep smaller supplies out of sight.

Ogden CabinetSurrounding Storage

While purchasing a conference table that suits your space, ensure that you have enough room to comfortably make your way around the room. Seek out a smaller sized table in order to take advantage of wall space at the perimeter. Credenzas can provide a high-impact look at the front of the room and may be valuable for keeping audio/visual equipment out of the way. Consider file storage at the back or sides, particularly options with attractive laminate tops, such as the Ogden collection, to keep the files' surface as functional as possible.

Optimize for TechUrban Conference with Mounted TV

With the growing need for technologically-savvy meeting spaces, there's bound to be an overflow of screens, cables, boxes, and conference phones in less-than-ideal places. Mount as many of your electronics as possible, including televisions, projectors, and speakers, while running cables through the ceiling and walls to keep things looking sleek. Keep remote controlled items inside of a credenza with glass doors or open cubbies to eliminate the need to manually control peripherals while taking advantage of screen sharing capabilities.


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