If you have any type of wood veneer furniture, whether it be a desk or a bookcase, it’s important to know how to best clean and maintain it. Wood veneer consists of natural wood, which requires a detailed cleaning process to ensure that the wood is not damaged. 

There are some general cleaning guidelines for wood veneer furniture, but please note that your product could have other guidelines, so you should always consult the manufacturer of the product to ensure you are using the proper cleaning method for your furniture. 

General Cleaning

To clean your wood veneer surface, use a soft, lint-free cloth. Keep the cloth dry if you are dusting or slightly dampen the cloth with mild soap and water for cleaning. Be sure to wipe the veneer dry after using the damp cloth. It’s also important to wipe with the wood grain—that is, be sure to work in the same direction as the pattern in the wood.

Treating Stains

If your wood veneer furniture becomes stained, don’t treat it with any harsh chemicals. This can irreparably damage the finish. It is best to consult the manufacturer of your product.

Things to Avoid

It is best not to use aerosol cleaners or polishes on wood veneer surfaces. You should avoid any products that are oil-based or contain wax. 

For everyday maintenance, remember that wood veneer is softer than laminate and can more easily scratch or stain. A protective surface (coasters, desk pads, glass, etc.)—especially on a desk or table—ensures that your furniture stays beautiful for years while still showcasing the rich, natural grain of the wood veneer.


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