If you find yourself with your feet dangling off the ground or with not enough seat space to stay comfortable, it may be time for a different size office chair. Employees in most office settings are equipped with a standard size office chair which, to be fair, will accommodate the majority of people. But for those who do not fit within the realm of being 5’ 5” to 6’ 0” tall and weighing less than 250 pounds, it may be time for a new chair.


Solutions for Different Size Office Chairs

Problem: I have a small body frame and my office chair is too large and uncomfortable.


Solution: A petite office chair will provide a more comfortable fit via a lower chair cylinder and a shorter back.


Most petite office chairs support the same amount of weight as a standard size chair, but this type of seating is designed on a smaller scale. A shorter-than-average chair cylinder puts the user’s feet closer to the ground, and a smaller seat pan and back are ideal for individuals who are 5’4” or shorter.

petite office chair

Problem: My body frame is too tall or large, and a standard size chair lacks the support I need to be comfortable on the job.


Solution: A big and tall chair will provide a greater level of support for tall and large individuals via a larger seat and back and a higher weight capacity.


Be sure to read the description of the specific big and tall chair you’re considering. All big and tall chairs can support more than 250 pounds, but some have a weight limit of 400 pounds while others have weight limits as high as 700 pounds.

big and tall office chair

Still unsure of what size office chair is the best option for you? Watch our video to learn more!



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