It’s a common misconception that office chairs come in a one-size-fits-all solution. On the contrary, task seating is designed to accommodate people of specific body types. Every individual is unique, so finding the correct chair for your body type is essential. Read on to determine what size chair will be best for you.


Standard Size Office Chairs

Most people will feel comfortable using a standard size office chair. Commercial grade office chairs are designed to support up to 250 pounds of weight and are usually comfortable for people who stand at 5’ 5” to 6’ 0” tall. Although standard size office chairs are ideal for most individuals, there are tons of other factors to consider when selecting which chair to purchase. Be sure to look at the height of the back of the chair as well as the ergonomic adjustments available on the chair when determining whether a certain option will work for you or not. Proper ergonomics is important not only in standard size office chairs, but in all office chairs.


Petite Office Chairs

Most petite office chairs can still support up to 250 pounds, but these seating options are designed with a shorter cylinder and a smaller seat pan to accommodate individuals who are 5’ 4” or shorter. For petite people, a standard size seat pan will often hit the back of the knee in an uncomfortable manner, while a too-tall cylinder will leave the feet dangling off the ground without help from a footrest. Petite chairs scale everything down, allowing shorter users to experience the same level of support as standard chair users.


Big and Tall Office Chairs

For individuals standing at 6’ 0” or taller or weighing more than 250 pounds, there are big and tall chairs. These chairs are designed with larger seats and backs and higher reaching cylinders to support users of a larger stature. The base of these chairs is typically reinforced, making it more durable than the base of standard size office chairs in order to support more weight.


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