In a business that values its employees, a breakroom is so much more than just a place to eat lunch. We’re only human, and working for eight or more hours without taking a break in between is a disaster waiting to happen. Breaks are needed to break up the day and revitalize us so that when we return to our desks we can work effectively and with renewed vigor. So how can you take steps to ensure that your employees have an enjoyable lunchbreak? The right furniture can help.


Attractive Breakroom Tables and Chairs

Even the most basic breakrooms have tables and chairs for employees to sit at during lunch. Although you may not think the design of this type of furniture has any impact on employee satisfaction, you’d be surprised. Try coordinating your lunchroom to match the rest of your office. Whether you’re going for something sleek and modern or hip and industrial, putting in the time to make your breakroom look great will send the message to employees that you care about making their space look great, not just the parts of the office that your customers might see.


If your lunchroom is roomy enough, try incorporating both short tables and chairs and tall tables and stools. This will create a layered look and make the space more visually interesting. Plus, it can make a small space look larger than if you were to have all tables the same height.

Comfortable Lounge Seating

When it comes to office design, it’s important to remember that every employee is different. Not everyone is going to want to sit at a table and chat with co-workers during their break. Try designating a space or even a whole room as a quiet area so that employees who’d rather relax in peace can go to that spot to read or just wind down without fear of being interrupted. Lounge seating is the best option for this type of space as it is plush and comfortable enough to sink into with a good book. Be sure to select seating with a vinyl upholstery, which is much easier to clean than fabric.

Furniture for the Great Outdoors

Why not take advantage of the beautiful weather while you have it? Not all offices have the luxury of an outdoor dining space, but if you do, use it! Outdoor break areas are now trending, and adding some outside tables and chairs will provide employees with a designated place to go if they’d like to sit outside for a while on a nice summer day. A little fresh air can do a world of good, boosting energy and leading to more productive work.


Literature Racks for Reading Materials

Add a magazine rack or two to the space and update it every month with the latest magazines from whatever publication your office subscribes to. Providing your employees with reading materials will give them an outlet for relaxation if they forgot to bring their own book and don’t want to socialize that day. Plus, many employees just enjoy catching up on the news over lunch.

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Waste Receptacles within Reach

It should go without saying, but your breakroom needs some trash cans! Waste receptacles with a lid are typically preferred in order to keep the space as clean as possible, and be sure to look for easy-to-clean materials like stainless steel. Make sure that your breakroom has the right number of trash cans and recycling bins for the space. A breakroom at a small company might be just fine with one of each, but larger spaces and bigger companies will surely need more.

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Tons of Storage

Just like in your kitchen at home, you can never have too much storage in your office’s breakroom. Your primary source of storage will come from the kitchen cabinets, but consider other options as well. Mobile refreshment carts, wardrobes and lockers are all great additions to a breakroom.

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Refrigerators with Ample Space

No breakroom is complete without the refrigerator. As with your waste receptacles, make sure you provide the right number of refrigerators for your company. A small company may only need one, but the more employees you have the more lunch boxes you’ll need to keep cool!

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Décor that Inspires

It may not be functional in the way everything else on this list is, but the right décor is hugely important when it comes to creating a breakroom getaway. The artwork, plants, clocks and other décor that you use in the space should fit together to create the feeling you’re going for in the room, whether that be energetic and bright or calm and neutral.

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Need help finding breakroom furniture that works? Call our furniture experts at (800) 558-1010 or shop our full selection of breakroom furniture here. For breakroom inspiration and complete sets, shop the look!


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