If you’re finding that your employee breakroom is underutilized, it could be because it’s seriously lacking an updated, modern look and the comforts of home that employees enjoy. Most employees spend their days staring at a computer screen, so when they take what is often their only break of the entire day, they want to be inspired, and that’s tough to do when you’re surrounded by blank walls and ugly furniture. Here are some things you can do to update your breakroom and boost employee morale.


Swap Out Your Old Furniture

You’ll never get a completely updated look in your breakroom without swapping out your furniture with the newest styles in interior design. The look you want to go for is up to you, but pick a theme and stick with it. For a café-style look, choose rustic tables and chairs like the ones in the Rustico breakroom collection. For a more modern look, the Barista collection is a great choice. Whatever option you choose, just keep the look consistent throughout your breakroom.

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Coordinate Your Color Scheme

Once you’ve chosen the right furniture, complement it with a coordinating color scheme. From the color of your walls to the theme of your décor, take care to ensure nothing clashes. A harmonious look will tie the whole space together and create the feeling you’re going for in the space.

guide to breakroom furniture

Offer Convenience and All the Charms of Home

If you make your lunchroom look less like an office and more like a home, your employees are bound to want to spend more time in it. Incorporate home amenities such as televisions, lounge seating and reading materials to create a comfortable atmosphere that everyone can enjoy.

guide to breakroom furniture

Encourage Employee Collaboration

Some of the best business ideas happen on the fly, so encouraging employees to hang out together over lunch is not only great for their morale, but it can be great for your bottom line too. A collaborative environment can be created via large tables that provide space for multiple employees, a lounge area that resembles a home living room or a water cooler that encourages employees to run into each other and chat while filling up their glass. Likewise, you may also want to consider incorporating a designated quiet area in your breakroom for employees who want to get some reading done or recharge in peace.

guide to breakroom furniture

What are your ideas for updating the breakroom? Share them in the comments below!


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