A great first impression is the gateway to a great hotel experience. When a guest enters your lobby, your aesthetic choices are at the forefront of their mind and sometimes it takes more than a friendly staff and comfortable furniture to turn a simple entryway into a grand entrance.

The hospitality industry has a particularly high turnover of trends and what's new-and-now will become dated in short order. Simple décor pieces are the quickest, most cost-effective way to refresh a space without having to commit to high-cost measures. From quick fixes to timelessly tasteful investments, you'll love the energy that a well-curated lobby can bring to your hotel.

Fill Blank Walls with Finished Canvases

Every wall is a blank canvas and opportunities to spruce up these sprawling spaces are endless. Consider the interior design and styling of your space and, from there, choose a theme to center your artistic choices around. Without becoming redundant, embrace continuity and find wall art that can be easily moved from area to area for an easy and instant refresh.

Commercial spaces often face specific size and styling needs and the flexibility offered by Wendover Art can meet these requirements with ease. Beyond NBF's website, our sales team can custom-order any of the shown pieces in any combination of sizes, finishes, matting, and more. Large-scale hospitality projects can be made easy with the company's cohesive and extensive offerings. Call our sales team at 800-558-1010 today to learn more.

Wendover Art
Set of Sculptures
Rivet Loveseat
Urban Stool
Artificial Plants
Area Rug


Plant a Stylish Seed

Bringing the outside world into indoor spaces has become a trending topic in interior design. From simple accents to elaborate plant walls, a little bit of greenery goes a long way in social spaces. Be considerate of natural sunlight and ensure that you're taking advantage of well-lit areas by focusing those spaces on live, thriving varietals. As you go deeper into the building, you'll want to consider higher-end, convincing lookalikes. From succulents to ferns and the classic ficus to bamboo, there's a wealth of options to choose from.

Sometimes, naturally-inspired décor takes on a two-dimensional form. From wallpaper with bold tropical leaves to electrically-charged florals, bathing an accent wall in a daring plant-inspired print creates a statement that's hard to resist. As trends change, these choices can be easy to remove by selecting commercial-grade temporary wallpaper, providing the option for continual refreshes without a high-cost commitment.



Let Form Meet Function

Artistry goes beyond paintings, prints, and sculptures. Your furniture can become the perfect intersection of style with substance, embracing design quirks and curiosities that can enhance a space as much as any other décor decisions. Let the latest trends in commercial furniture, often showcased at Chicago's NeoCon conference, guide you towards pieces that are simply stunning.

Integrate particularly bold pieces into your lobby by creating an otherwise minimalist backdrop. By outfitting surrounding areas with clean lines and neutral upholstery, an avant garde meeting area will draw attention without adding to too much background noise.

Rivet Chair
Rivet Loveseat
Rivet Sofa
Rivet Bench / Table
Rivet Bookshelves
Wendover Art
Artificial Plants


It's Time to Highlight Your Ambient Light

From sprawling resorts to petite boutique properties, buildings of all shapes and sizes can only put so much leverage on natural light. A combination of inset bulbs, hanging lanterns, and tabletop lamps should be carefully considered to set the right mood for your design aesthetic. At the very center of any good lighting scheme, the right bulb hue is integral. Emphasize clean, bright lines with vibrant white LEDs and blue-hued incandescents or bolster the warming feeling of a cozy corner with softer, more yellow-toned light. There's room for everything in-between, as well as building a gradient from space to space to inspire different moods.

Coordinate these choices with fixtures that fit the bill. Guests naturally prefer lighting that's within reach, yet these wide-open spaces still need overhead lighting to succeed. Install dimmer switches on ceiling-mounted fixtures and keep those at a comfortable level, allowing smaller, more decorative light sources to shine.  


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