Whether you’re working in a tight cubicle or a small home office, conserving what little space you have can be tough. Take these 6 tips to maximize even the smallest workstation. 

1. Eliminate Clutter

If there’s one tip to take away from this list, it’s this: purge all nonessentials. Ask yourself, “Do I need to keep all this paperwork on my desk?” and “Are 10 photos of my dog really necessary?” because when you don’t have the luxury of a large workspace, the answer is probably no. Read our complete guide to getting rid of unneeded clutter here

2. Go Paperless

The best way to keep all that clutter at bay is to not create it in the first place. If you have the opportunity to save documents digitally, choose that method over filing printed materials. Keeping paper clutter to a minimum will free up tons of space on your desk and in your desk drawers, and a cleared-out desk will feel much more spacious.

3. Utilize Vertical Space

Rather than keeping personal photos, your physical calendar, and your contacts list on top of your desk, post them all on the wall. Utilizing the vertical space in your office will keep your desk cleared, greatly increasing the amount of space you have to work on. 

4. Light Properly

Small spaces can often create a cave effect and lack proper lighting. Combat this by equipping your workspace with a good lamp. Keeping your desk well-lit will help you stay alert throughout the day, and a brighter workspace can even create the illusion of being larger.  

5. Share Common Areas

If you’re working in an open-concept office or cubicle layout, take advantage of the common areas around you. Whether it’s storage islands between workspaces or a coat closet in the front lobby, using areas outside of your desk space will help keep your workstation clear.

6. Don’t Be Afraid to Personalize

In your attempt to keep your small workspace clean and clear, you may be tempted to toss personal items. Do not do this! Although you may want to cut down on the number of personal items at your desk, keeping a few family photos or trinkets will help boost your mood throughout the work day and keep you working happily and productively. 

We can’t always choose our desks, but we can choose how we work. Remember, when it comes to thriving in a small workspace, less is more, and there’s always room for the things you really need.



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