Will you have a perfectly productive workday, or will you struggle to succeed? You may find the answer in the habits you establish during your remote work days and the space you surround yourself with. It's easy to think you’ll be fine at the dinner table or bringing your laptop to bed, but a successful remote career depends on a few careful considerations within your home office space.

Out of Sight, Out of Mind

The latest season of your favorite show is streaming on Netflix. Last night's leftovers are in the kitchen. Your dog is napping at your feet. The distractions go on and on. When choosing what part of your home you'll be working from, optimize your layout for laser focus on the task at hand. Choose a corner desk or a writing desk that faces the wall, keeping all of the delights of home at your back.

Layout Is Key

Especially in small spaces, the right layout can make or break the productivity of your home office space. Not every space can handle a large desk in the middle of the room or a sprawling L-shaped desk with all the bells and whistles. Purchase furniture that does double-duty with whatever space you're working in: a bookcase can be a decorative delight as well as a place for binders, catalogs, and business books.

Don't Supersize It

Again, especially in small spaces, bigger isn't always better. When shopping online, it's easy to overestimate the size of larger items. The tape measure is your best friend. After determining the layout that'll work best for your chosen area, measure ahead of time and only consider furniture that's within your predetermined sizes. It's always better to undershoot your chosen measurements than to go too far either way.

Choose Wisely

As you choose your furniture pieces, your choices extend far beyond the workspace right in front of you. Depending on your working style, supply stock, and documents, your storage needs will be different and dynamic. A combination of hutches, bookcases, and filing cabinets can come together to make the perfect solution. Mobile file pedestals are often a stellar choice—they can be relocated as necessary, often have a very small footprint, and contain the right combination of file and utility drawers to keep you organized and on-task.

Let the Light in

The best part of working from home is the vast difference between residential and commercial lighting. You can sit closer to windows, doors, and other natural light sources at home—take advantage of it! As the sun sets, your lighting will switch to task lighting, lamps, and overhead lights that can be tailored to your senses. Choose daylight-mimicking bulbs to maintain the energy of the daytime, and accent your desk with lamps that can illuminate your keyboard and documents with direct, focused light.


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