If you’re working as a caretaker in a senior living or assisted living facility, you’ve probably experienced the difficulty of transporting residents. Mealtimes and various leisurely activities often require scooting a resident’s chair from its pulled-out place into the table. But how do you safely transfer a resident with limited mobility from a wheelchair to a dining chair and then safely scoot that chair under the table without risking injury? That’s where ComforTek Titan chairs come in handy.

Easy, Safe Transferring

ComforTek Titan swivel chairs are equipped with mobility assistors that make it easier to move an individual closer to a table. Step on the mobility assistor underneath the seat to make pushing in the chair a breeze. Step on the assistor again to back out when mealtime is over. 

When the assistor is not in use, the chair remains locked in place for reliable stability. The swivel action locks every 90 degrees to provide additional stability for residents who need to hold onto the chair arms when transferring. Because of their simplicity, these chairs offer a dignified way for residents to be moved into and out of table spaces without drawing unwanted attention.

Comfortable Seating

Not only are these chairs safe to use, but they’re also comfortable enough for residents to sit in for long times. Each seat has a sturdy 800-pound weight capacity and a seat and back made from moisture-resistant, cold-cured foam that provides plenty of padding for support. The arms of the chair are outfitted with nonslip arm caps that are soft to the touch for additional stability and comfort. 

Cleanable Materials

These chairs are constructed with a sturdy metal framework and upholstered in easy-to-clean vinyl that resists stains and other damage. A cleanout space between the seat and back makes the chair even easier to clean, as crumbs and other materials are not able to get stuck between the seats. 

The mobility assistor not only reduces the risk of injury for staff and guests, but it also minimizes damage to carpets since chairs no longer need to be dragged across the floor. These seating options also include glides for use on wood floors and carpeted surfaces if needed.



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