Halloween is on a Monday this year, which means it’s time to brainstorm some work appropriate costumes! Here are 20 easy-to-make ideas to get you and your co-workers into the Halloween spirit.


Clark Kent

Just wear a Superman t-shirt underneath a business suit with some glasses and voila! Instant Clark Kent.



Got a pencil skirt, a blouse and a pair of glasses? Perfect. You’re a librarian.


Wednesday Addams

If you want to go for something a little more on the gothic side, go for this super-easy Wednesday Addams look.



Jim Halpert had it right when he came up with the easiest Halloween costume of all time.



Just buy the t-shirt and make a green construction paper hat and you’re instantly transformed into everyone's favorite spicy sauce.


When Life Gives You Lemons

Literally write the word ‘life’ on a plain t-shirt and hand out lemons to your co-workers all day.


Men in Black

Black suit and tie. Sunglasses. Silver pen. BOOM. Men in Black.


Ceiling Fan

It’s punny and it’s easy. You know you saved those old poms from high school for a reason.


Crazy Cat Lady

Simply glue or staple a bunch of stuffed cats to any outfit. Not only is it a cute costume, but it gives you a reason to talk about your cats, and we know you love talking about your cats.


Fantasy Football

For those who love sports AND RPGs.



Just grab a yellow shirt and make a stem hat out of green construction paper and string. This technique can be used for just about any fruit, really.



A white shirt or dress with black stripes paired with some white gloves and face paint turns you into an instant mime. Plus, it’s a great excuse to not have to talk to anyone all day!


Where’s Waldo

Another easy one that basically allows you to wear a comfy sweater and jeans all day.



White t-shirt or dress + appropriately colored pillow = instant sushi costume. That pillow is going to feel great on your back all day, too.


Spelling Bee

A simple honeybee costume paired with a spelling bee number will turn you into a literal spelling bee.



You could also go as a vampire bat! Just wear all black and attach some wings under your arms.


Mary Poppins

A black circle skirt, white blouse, umbrella and totally cute hat are a recipe for a Mary Poppins lookalike.


Bob Ross

A blue button up, some paint brushes and a glorious afro wig will have you looking like this one-of-a-kind artist.



Arrr! This is one of those costumes you could go all-out with or take the lazy man’s way out with a simple eye patch and white blouse.


Business Cat

The most business appropriate meme of them all! Get your construction paper out.


What are your suggestions for work appropriate Halloween costumes? Share them in the comments below!


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