Every year we hold a Veterans Day Office Giveaway contest, and this year we wanted to find out what makes United States veterans passionate about the work that they do. Please enjoy these #WhyWeWork stories and share your own in the comments below!


"Working with kids is my passion! My team works with middle schoolers that have been diagnosed with numerous behavior and mental disorders like autism, ADHD, depression, anxiety, etc. These kids usually come from low income homes that struggle to provide enriching activities, clean clothes, hygiene habits and sometimes even a safe place to be themselves. Our office provides therapeutic interventions and family and individual counseling sessions." - Shanna R


"I have worked for a small construction firm for 19 years. I have seen the company in the highest of highs and the lowest of times. Our company has always banded together and made it through. The employees I work with are more than coworkers. We are family, and we strive to do the best job possible for our customers." - Carolyn C


"It was a great time in my life and allowed me to serve my community and family in the best way possible. Service allowed me to see more of the world than I ever would have." - Mike R


"As a veteran I am excited to be able to work with a variety of clients in our manufacturing industry at my new job I started a month ago. Being the new office manager means I get to do a variety of things like supporting my team, improving the office, and streamlining things here to make the office more organized and efficient." - Robyn A


"I like helping people plan and achieve their dreams." - Graeme W


"My company motto is "Safe and Secure," and through my military service, work, and family life, it has been my goal to apply that phrase in a meaningful way to my wife and kids, community and country." - Neil K


"IT is all about service and paying forward to the future of our children and the generations to follow. As an SDV and father I have made sacrifices so that my children may live in a safer world. As an architect and builder, I practice so others may have a safer place to work and live. As a business owner supporting our country, I am called to fill that needed role as SDVOSB." - Roger R


"I believe service takes on many forms. For me, it meant 4.5 years as an officer in the US Navy, working to honor the rights and freedoms of Americans and supporting our allies abroad. Service in my years after the military has meant working in public education across the country. As a teacher, curriculum specialist and now as a family and community engagement manager for Kansas City Public Schools. My position allows me to serve the students and families of the district by finding community partners to meet their needs. It's rewarding work made better by my years of service that taught me to always put others first. Service matters, everyday." - Samara CH


"I loved defending my fellow American by fighting for this beloved country and now as a DFCS worker I get to help and serve the same people I helped during my time with the armed forces, especially our veteran clients! Hoo-Rah!!" - Jacque C


"As a Chief Petty Office in the Navy, my job was to lead, motivate and train my sailors to replace me at some point in their career. Now that I am retired from active duty, my job as a Navy College Director is to provide sailors with the opportunity to meet whatever goals they set for themselves. It is much the same as what I did while still serving. I get to work with the finest sailors in the world's greatest Navy on a daily basis. Just being able to do that makes me happy to get up and go to work every day." - John C


"I currently work two jobs; one with the homeless population in social work, and the other as an admin assistant. I have a child that is two years old as well. So, I work two jobs, I go to school full time, and I am a mother. I have sacrificed so much, but the rewards are so great! I am the only one of six children to graduate college. I do this for myself, and for my child. I want others to know that hard work, determination and perseverance pays off. Never stop chasing your dreams. I didn't, and the rewards are worth the sacrifices in the end." - Ashley H


"I am a county veterans service officer. I help veterans and their families get the benefits that they have earned. I love helping others." - Chris L


"I advocate for veterans through the Veterans of Foreign Wars as it is a 100+ year organization that provides a safe place for returning veterans and the issues the struggle with after their service. The VFW saved me and I am doing my part to ensure it is here a 100 years from now to help veterans I will never know and who will never know me." - Dan W


How's that for inspiring? You can inspires others too! Just tell us why YOU work and what makes you love your job in the comments below. Read more inspiring #WhyWeWork stories here.


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