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Sep 1 2017

We're passionate about why we work—to help people across the United States create the beautiful office they deserve. That's why all of us at National Business Furniture are committed to helping everyone discover the passion and pure joy that comes from a job well done. During the month of September, we're reflecting on what makes us at National Business Furniture passionate about why we work and learning more about why you work, too.

To kick off our #WhyWeWork initiative, it was only natural that we partner with the Wisconsin Humane Society—an organization filled with employees and volunteers who are passionate about what they do. Watch the video below to see Wisconsin Humane Society employees explain what inspires them to do their work every day.

Please share Why YOU work by using the hashtag #WhyWeWork on social media and to show your support for the movement. Join us for a Twitter chat @NBFonline Wednesday, September 20th, 2017 at 12:00 PM CST for a discussion of why we work and the importance of being passionate about our work.

why we work twitter chat

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