Many employees spend more than 8 hours at their workstations each day, eliminating the time that could be spent at the gym, running through the neighborhood, or committing to other physical wellness tasks. These simple workday exercise options may not be particularly rigorous, but they’re great for getting the blood flowing in the body, all without a gap in workday productivity.

Bring the Gym to Your Desk

Convenient exercise equipment comes in all shapes and sizes. Some items, such as stretchy bands that can anchor beneath your desk or chair's leg, can give you the ability to squeeze in a few resistance exercises throughout the day. Small hand or ankle-mounted weights can give you a quick way to do basic exercises passively while you're off-camera during a meeting.

For the more die-hard, under-desk elliptical machines are an option to keep your legs moving throughout the workday. These seated solutions are a quiet and subtle way to mix your workday with your workout.

Take a Stand

Adjustable-height desks and active seating are movement-friendly solutions and posture savers. Active seating often involves fidget-friendly solutions designed for adults that need some external stimulation. Gently rocking stools, wobbling ottomans, and round-bottom standing stools are designed to work your core and promote healthy movement throughout the day. Similarly, standing engages your core, and a sit/stand solution is ideal for those who aren't settled on either style.

Work(out) Well With Others

Forego a stop at the watercooler and opt for a quick walk around the building with a coworker. You'll build accountability by including another on-site employee in your wellness journey while also satisfying the need for social interaction during the workday. You can do as little or as much as you'd like. Invite a diverse group of coworkers from different parts of the building to take part in lunch walks, yoga sessions, or other activities to add a more concerted wellness-focused break to your workday. You can also do these activities before or after work to accommodate schedules.

Workday-Ready Exercise Equipment

While less common than their sit/stand counterparts, treadmill or training bike desks are an option for those who need a little more workout during the workday. 

If you're working from home, try planning a fun DIY to make a fitness-friendly solution that works with your existing treadmill or stationary bike setup. Not all treadmills are created the same. Look online at the oodles of available DIYs on YouTube, blogs, and social media sites to find a tutorial that closely matches your treadmill. 

Remember that you'll want to make sure you have added as many beneficial safety features as possible to keep yourself and your equipment safe. Anti-slip pads for your laptop or peripherals, well-secured straps, and high-quality materials will ensure that your treadmill desk adds health and not hazard to your workday.



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