When you partner with NBF to create a comprehensive Corporate Work from Home program, you'll have the freedom to design a solution that keeps remote employees productive and comfortable within their home. After an individual consultation with a sales rep, we'll help you craft a program that's just right for your company's industry, size, budget, and other unique needs. Call 1-800-558-1010 to get started or request a quote and we'll reach out to you. From there, we'll help you navigate the next steps:

1. Choose Your Product Selection

Our wide variety of products are available to you and we'll help determine the best offerings for your employees. For example, you can choose from the entirety of our product assortment, determine a curated selection of qualifying products, or create bundles that include a chair, desk, and storage item that fits within budget. Depending on your selection, we'll work with you to determine what volume-based discounts and rebates are possible for these orders.


2. Design Your Internal Program

We'll help you determine how your program can best impact your workforce. Our guidance can assist you in implementing this initiative in a way that suits you and your employees' budget. Some companies may agree to pay a percent, maximum dollar amount, or totality of each purchase while others may opt to simply offer volume-based pricing for participating employees.


3. Explore Delivery Options

To streamline the ordering process and alleviate freight costs, we can help you consolidate purchases into one PO, even if you'd like employee orders shipped to individual addresses. Alternatively, we can bulk ship your entire order to a central location for employee pickup, which may further reduce shipping costs.

We're here to help you empower your workforce wherever they may be. Call us at 1-800-558-1010 to kickoff your Corporate Work from Home program today.


The Options are Endless


Company A

Company A will cover $500 for employees to purchase a desk, chair, and file pedestal for their home office.

Company B

Company B will cover 50% of employee purchases from the At Work, Urban, and Structure collections.

Company C

Company C offers 10 different product bundles for employees to choose from, paying for a portion of the bundle cost.

See more suggested bundles here or create your own.