Always cold at work? When it comes to building temperature, it doesn't seem to matter what time of year it is—it's always freezing at the office! If you're constantly cold, chances are high that you're focused on warming up and not on your work. That’s not good for you, and it’s not good for your company either, but what can you do when you have no control over the thermostat? Here are some ways to take matters into your own hands and get a little cozier at your desk.

1. Eat Well

Sugary foods and drinks will make you feel sluggish, decreasing your energy level and increasing the likelihood of feeling that office chill. Instead of reaching for your typical comfort foods, snack on fruit and eat a light lunch that won’t tire you out. If you need a little pick me up, drink green tea to keep you going. Not only will it give you the boost of energy you’re looking for, but it’ll keep you a little warmer, too!

2. Keep Moving

Sitting still all day long is a surefire way to keep cold. If you want to warm up, you should move around the office throughout your workday. Adding a standing desk or active seating to your workstation is the best way to accomplish this, but you can also hold standing meetings, walk during your lunch break, or just get up and walk around the office occasionally. Regular physical activity will help you stay warmer and healthier.

3. Try a Heated Chair

If you love the feeling of a heated car seat, then chances are you'reyou will also love sitting in a heated office chair. Some heated office chairs feature the same heat technology used in car seats, and they run on a rechargeable battery pack, so you won’t have any wires or cables to get in your way. Sitting on a control-operated heated chair is a great way to get the body heat you need to stay comfortable without subjecting your coworkers to the same high temperatures.

4. Add a Space Heater

If your office allows it, try bringing a space heater to work. Sometimes just warming up your feet beneath your desk is all you need. Be careful to turn your space heater off at the end of each work day—a heater left plugged in overnight can be a fire hazard.

5. Keep a Blanket at Your Desk

When you must sit for multiple hours, keep a blanket at your desk to snuggle up with. A blanket will keep you warm and give your office a homelike look and feel, which studies have shown can help employees feel happier and more productive at work. 

6. Dress Appropriately

Of course, dressing for the office temperature is the best way to stay warm. For many, the office is a cold place to be, even in the summer months, so be sure to keep a sweater at your desk if you are the type who gets cold easily.


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