After sharing a divided office for more than three years, as you can see above, Rebecca Jacobs and Mary Sargeant, members of the NBF creative production team, were given the opportunity to update to a collaborative work space.

The existing furniture was also out-of-date. “Each of the offices at NBF doubles as a showroom for our outside sales force. The problem was that they never came to show our office to potential customers,” Mary said.

With the help of NBF’s Design Services team, the office is now outfitted with the NBF Signature Series Align furniture collection. There was even enough room to add a third workstation and small meeting areas. Now, the outside sales team visits with customers regularly.

Rebecca commented on their initial fear of giving up the glass room divider, “We could see and talk to each other through the glass, but when we were working, the division helped us stay focused.”

Though they share the same space, the three work stations all face away from each other for individual, focused work. “Collaboration happens when you turn in your chair to talk to someone, or when you move to the small meeting areas,” Rebecca said.

The team agrees that the office has become a more welcoming space. The entire team of seven people now holds regular meetings there. “We work as the in-house design agency for NBF and wanted to look the part,” Rebecca said.

Impromptu collaborative sessions now happen regularly. Collaboration-oriented work areas lead to measurable increases in productivity.

One of two high-low L-desks with hutch that ensure both enough workspace and ample storage for various creative tasks and projects.

Office Tour
Office Tour
Office Tour


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